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ec_pornmakers's Journal

The Eric/Calleigh Big Damn Porn-A-Thon Challenge
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The Eric/Calleigh Porn-A-Thon

Eric and Calleigh. They belong together. You know it, I know it, even the manatees know it. The writers know it, of course, but they're doing everything they can to delay the union of these two smexy characters. It's driving us insane. The solution? Fanfic!

This community was created to host an Eric/Calleigh porn-a-thon challenge. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. If you would like to join the challenge (and we strongly urge you that you do), let us know here. If you don't want to join but would prefer to read that's fine, but we really would prefer it if you joined. Ideally we would love to have at least 10 participants, but it would be great if we could have more than that. It's not a lot of fun to have 2 or 3 people writing with 89 reading and bitching about the lack of fanfic.

"But I suck as a writer!" No you don't! You'd be surprised how easy it is to write porn where Eric/Calleigh are concerned. Really, give them a room with at least one wall and they'll be getting it on before you know it. In any case, this would be a great opportunity for you to acquaint yourself with NC-17 stories for all your future fanfic needs and help you grow as a writer. So join us! We have moonshine and mojitos and plenty of nudity.

X amount of writers will submit one NC-17 story by a deadline that will be determined later. Each week, members of the community will vote one story off the contest. Just because the story is voted off doesn't mean it's a bad story. The very fact that it's E/C porn makes it a masterpiece already. Each week one story will be voted off until only one remains, crowning the author the E/C last pornmaker standing. All shall fear and praise. The contest could be started again so long as we have enough participants.

"What if my story gets voted off? It would hurt my feelings!" We're not handing Nobel prizes here. In fact, we're not handing prizes at all (except a pretty image for the participants). The point of this challenge is to increase the amount of Eric/Calleigh stories out there, because they're kinda lacking. The fact that you'll be reading X amount of E/C porn already makes you a winner. Relax. We're all here to have fun.

"What if people vote my story off because I'm a murderer of puppies and kitties?" Our members are smarter than that. No one will be voting anyone off for personal reasons. If that's the case, we will consider making the contest anonymous.
If you would like to participate in our porn challenge, sign up here. Our pornmakers so far are:


[x] Stories should be submitted by a determined date. Stories submitted after that will not be accepted.

[x] The stories need to be NC-17. I think we all know what that means. Clothes off, the whole shabang. "Can I write BJs?" Sure! "Anal?" Why not. "Sex with corpses?" You're looking for the Alexx Woods porn-a-thon.

[x] You can get as dirty as you want, but please use common sense. No necrophilia or incest, no sex with minors or animals. You can use any setting you want. Sex in their bedrooms, or in the lab, sex in the Hummer, on Horatio's desk, at the beach, during a party, etc. "Sex at the morgue?" Seriously, what is wrong with you?

[x] "Can other characters be in my story?" Sure! So long as the sex is between Eric and Calleigh. "Can I write an orgy?" No. At least not for our first challenge. We'll see about that later on.

[x] "How long should my story be?" Ideally at least 1,000 words. That may sound like a lot for some people, but I couldn't write an introduction in less than 1,000 words, so I doubt you'd be able to write a whole story using only 1k. The story can be as long as you want it to be, but no multi chapters. Stories should be one-shots to avoid any complications.

[x] No personal attacks, please. Don't make this too complicated. We're all here to have fun and read.


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